My Travel Shield

is the world׳s One-Stop-APP for stressful medical and security situations,
creating Peace of Mind while traveling

Who do I need to contact
for medical care?

Is it covered by my

How will they know that
I’m allergic to…?

My Travel Shield is a One-Stop-App

for travelers in time of need :

  • Contact emergency services worldwide
  • Find and access medical service providers
  • Allow doctors to review vital medical profile
  • Activate travel insurance “on the go”
  • Manage traveler interactions with the travel insurance company

Our Solution

Our mobile platform solution My Travel Shield is designed to provide our customers peace of mind while traveling.

Addressing stressful situations, medical and others, with swift and accessible solutions.

Solution Page

Most people do not carry their critical medical record!

Our vision is to provide every world traveler the ability to simply manage relevant medical information and share it easily and securely at any medical situation, especially in case of emergency

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